Web Designer


You will get a new creative profession and master design at an advanced level.
After the course you will become a specialist
with a diploma and a strong portfolio.


from practitioners

First fee

In 3-6 months


Employment counseling support


certificate of advanced training

The more companies go online, the higher the demand for qualified web designers

Web Designer

This is a specialist who deals with the graphic design of the site and the creation of corporate identity of the company on the Internet.

This course will be useful to you if you:


You want to learn a new creative profession from scratch, with interesting tasks and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.

You are already familiar with the design

You’ll learn how to create visual interfaces and the mechanics of working in design studios.

You want to become freer and work for yourself

Learn to design for websites, banners, get creative, find customers and work from anywhere in the world.

Training program




bonus courses


bonus materials

Course “Web designer”

Module 0     Theoretical framework for getting started. Objectives. Personal financial plan. Your uniqueness
Module 1      Introduction to the profession
Module 2     Time management in the work of the specialist
Module 3     Selection of the project, analysis of the audience and TSS
Module 4     Basics of working in Photoshop
Module 5     Landing. Stages of development
Module 6     Structure of a landing page. Prototyping
Module 7     Modular grids and dimensions
Module 8    Typography. Composition rules. Fonts
Module 9    Visual and Graphics
Module 10  Design-concept. Creating a Moodboard
Module 11   Collaging in the design of branding. Working with images
Module 12  Coloristics and working with color palettes
Module 13  Assembling the final Landing Page
Module 14  Adaptive design and mobile version
Module 15  Design of a banding in Figma
Module 16  Design of a multipage site in Figma
Module 17  Site analytics. Collecting and analyzing user data
Module 18  UI/UX design. Patterns and psychology of users
Module 19  Preparing a website for a developer
Module 20  Successful presentation
Module 21  Design management
Module 22  Final certification. Getting a certificate

Course “Creating a website in Tilda”

Module 1  Tilda Design
Module 2  Standard Block Landing
Module 3  Creating auxiliary pages
Module 4  Zero Block Design
Module 5  Zero-block sliding page design
Module 6  Design adaptability
Module 7  Setting up and running a landing page
Module 8  Statistics
Module 9  Newsletters service

Course “Employment”

Module 1  Career Map
Module 2  External Expertise
Module 3  Portfolio development
Module 4  Writing a resume
Module 5  Searching for customers
Module 6  Interviewing
Module 7  Internship and probationary period
Module 8  Legal issues of employment

Infrastructure for effective learning

Employment Assistance

After completing the core program, you will receive a video course with lessons, instructions, and job placement support from mentors.

  • Portfolio and resume writing tips
  • Step-by-step instructions for finding employers
  • Interview preparation
  • Counseling during the internship
  • Legal issues of employment
  • Career counseling